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Beginner Drone Flying

Flying drones can be a great outdoors hobby or even a small business.  In the last few years consumer level drones have come equipped with superb camera quality and lots of great features which allow them to be used for a wide variety of tasks.


Hobby Uses for Drones

Aerial Photography

Drones can be used to help you capture amazing photographs from unique perspectives.  Photographs taken even a few meters in the air often have a completely different look than normal photos.   A lot of drones today are portable and can be brought with you wherever you go.  Try taking your drone out to some natural areas in your city like parks, rivers or mountains and you will be amazed with the kind of pictures you can capture.

Aerial Sport Videos

Try taking a drone with you next time you or your friends are doing any kind of action sports.  Capturing videos  of things like snowboarding skiing, biking or  motocross can look incredible from a drones perspective.  With enough practice and a bit of video editing you can have some amazing action video montages of you and your friends that look professional.

Business Uses for Drones

Real Estate Photography

A lot of  real estate listings for larger homes and land are starting to include outdoor drone photographs. These photographs help to showcase the property in its best light and can be used to attract more buyers.  Using your drone you could provide this service  to realtors in your area.  If you have any other camera skills consider combining them to become a one stop shop for all real estate photography needs.

Aerial Inspections

Drones can be used to quickly and safely get to hard to reach places.  If it saves time or improves safety a lot of companies will send a drone to inspect things rather then send a human.  There are many different things which drones can be used to inspect and it is best to find your own niche to focus in.  Some examples of things that can benefit from drone inspections are roof top inspections,  land surveying, farm crop inspections, radio tower and wind turbine inspections.

Promotional and Advertising Videos

Making promotional videos can be a fun and exciting way to make some extra money with your drone.   Companies that do things like property development, or setup special events often use promotional videos to help make people aware of what they are offering.  With some drone footage and video editing skills you could help to provide video for them to use in their marketing campaigns.

Drone Selection

Here are a few different drones to consider when getting started.  Be sure to think about what you want to do with the drone. Low cost drones would be a great option to get started with as a hobby, but if you think you might want to use the drone for a side business you may want to consider a higher end model. Be sure to check what drone regulations apply in your country before purchasing. Different countries often have different rules depending on the weight and size of a drone.


Best Entry Level Drone – DJI Mini SE

The Mini SE is a great lightweight drone that is easy to bring with you anywhere.  It is a fairly inexpensive drone that still provides quite a few features with DJIs advanced software. The drone is also able to get 30min of flight time which is quite impressive for its small form factor.

Best Value Drone – DJI Mavic Air 2S

 The Air 2S is slightly larger than the Mini SE and benefits mainly from its camera upgrades. It has a 1″ CMOS sensor which offers great video and picture quality.  The drone also has additional obstacle detection sensors which can help to prevent crashes.

Best Feature Packed Drone – DJI Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 is a recent release from DJI which is a big step up from other consumer drones.  It comes with a higher price tag but  with features like its 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera, 46min of flight time and15km flight range its hard to beat.

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