Games You Can Play In A Zoom Call

I compiled a quick list of the top games you can play while on a zoom call. While in my master’s program part-time I find myself at the end of the day wanting to unwind while listening to lectures so I play games. These are my top games to play while on zoom or teams call. Most of these games you can buy on steam but I will link the games in amazon in case you want it for your switch or non-PC platform


Take a dive with me, deep into an unknown planet where the fish bite back. Subnautica is a perfect game for playing while on a call, a lot of the game is collecting items to craft your next-level gear. As you swim around you will face multiple monsters and aquatic life that can either hurt you or help you. The alien planet is all water and is a trip if you are a Scuba Diver like me. I will say this game is not for anyone suffering from Submechanophobia or any other affliction to underwater structures or creatures. This game got a lot of playtime during my accounting classes and might just be the little bit of adventure you need during your zoom call.

Subnautica Game Cover


Craft and kill is the name of this game. you start with nothing and you are weak in the knees but with the right amount of clever crafting, you will be able to destroy the bosses in each biome. I recommend this game to be played with friends who are looking for a cleaner more adult version of Minecraft with some actual tough bosses. I start up a server and jump on my call. Zoom calls are perfect for grinding out the mining and crafting components so that you can kick ass when you come up against the Eikthyr.

Stronghold Crusader

Yes, this game was made in 2002, and yes I still play it. Honestly, this makes the list because it’s an RTS but is slow enough that I can play it while sitting in supply chain classes. This game is all about advancing along a crusade trail and building keeps to defeat an AI (If it can be called that now) onslaught. This game does not feature great graphics or wild gameplay but it does feature a ton of nostalgia which makes me realize I’m old…


Fidel Castro lived a wild life and you can too during your next zoom call. Sometimes it’s fun to sit in a webinar and just pretend you are a dictator on a beautiful island country. This game is very much a civilization builder but instead of being the noble king, you are a dictator capable of skewing elections and bribing or imprisoning your enemies. Sometimes while I’m on a call and I’m playing this game, I imagine I’m locking up my professor or that one brown noser.

City Skylines

I imagine if you are in school for city planning or civil engineering this game would be like work on top of work, but perhaps you want to live the dream. City Skylines is a great game to play while in a zoom call because it’s another builder game that allows you to focus on the call and adjust your city as you go. This game does not require a ton of focus but can be quite fun and make you feel a tinge of accomplishment while drowning in permit approvals class. 

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