Indoor Hobbies

We worked hard to curate the top indoor hobbies for our readers. Especially since the pandemic forced us to try new things. Our blog won't mention Netflix or Uber Eats, I promise! Indoor hobby blogs focus on trying something new and getting your foot in the door at a reasonable price.

Gaming Picture

PC gaming to Console, we look at what equipment you need and some of the games that can help you build your skills. We will take you from n00b to pro as fast as you can read!


Lets explore at home automation and projects you can do with a simple processors and breadboard. We will get you started on building your own little robots and making your life easier than ever before!

3D Printing

Learn about the world of 3D printing. We discuss everything from FDM to DMLS and everything in between. We can will show you how to get started and things to look out for!

Stack of Money

Investing is a hobby beleive it or not! There are people who invest simply to earn some interest, but for some of us, its a passion. If one day you hope to not be working fulltime, then click here and lets learn the ropes.

Looking for more Top Indoor Hobbies?

Firstly, feel free to drop us a note on the contact us page and we will find an expert to get some beginner content put up right away. Additionally, if you are interested in contributing we would love to hear from you about your passion for all things indoors. Gaming, Cooking, Brewing and much more… are coming down the pipe. Continue to be patient as we grow our blogs and discover more indoor hobbies and activities we can write about.

Last of all, if you are looking for something that we don’t have I take a look at Reddit for some decent information, however you may need to do a little more digging to get yourself started.