Outdoor Hobbies

We worked hard to curate the top outdoor hobbies for our readers. Especially after the pandemic because we know how much you need to get outside. Outdoor hobby blogs focus on trying something new and getting your foot in the door at a reasonable price.

motocross picture

Everything you need to know to getting started in dirt biking or motocross. Learn the basics, which bikes to look for and how to save some money on gear. Two strokes to four strokes, boots to buckets, you are covered.

Get started in Scuba

Each step on your diving career is huge. We help you choose PADI or SSI, Regulators and Fins. When you take your first underwater breath you can trust that you have the right gear and are on the right path. Take the plunge with us!

Outdoor Hobbies - Drones

First steps into the world of drones. What to buy, and how to fly. The drone world is complex and has many different uses. Let us help you narrow it down so you can choose your first flight gear and get you in the air sooner!


Take you first sleep under the stars whether you choose the backwoods or a car park.

Looking for more Outdoor Hobbies?

Firstly, feel free to drop us a note on the contact us page and we will find an expert to get some beginner content put up right away. Additionally, if you are interested in contributing we would love to hear from you about your passion for outdoor hobbies and activities that get you out for some fresh air. Hunting, Fishing, Gardening, and much more… are coming down the pipe. Continue to be patient as we grow our blogs and discover more outdoor hobbies and activities we can write about.

Last of all, if you are looking for something that we don’t have I take a look at Reddit Outdoors for some decent information, however you may need to do a little more digging to get yourself started.

Looking for some more content or tips and tricks? Reach out to us on our socials or feel free to send us your content so we can share it with the HobbyBuz community!