Scuba Diving in Low Light

No matter what time of day you are diving, you likely will experience a low light situation, even if its just poking your head into a neat cavern or going under a bridge of overhang from a cliff. I never recommend new divers get into low light situations until they are more comfortable with the basics and all the ins and outs of the BCD, regulators and being able to clear your mask quickly and efficiently. Once you have progressed on your diving career and are able to manage more devices and are spending more time sight seeing and less time trying to stay in the water column, you will want a dive light. A dive light is incredibly beneficial to bring color back underwater and to highlight the unique things that you might see. Just like everything in diving you can spend tons of money on gear, but sometimes its not worth it, with dive lights, this is the case, you just need good battery power and high luminosity. 

Cutting to the chase my favorite dive light for beginners and intermediate divers would be the Wurrkos Diving light, this is a perfect size to fit in your BCD, it features a rechargeable battery and around 2000 lumens. The strobe feature is a great way of communicating with divers that are further away and draw them in in low light conditions. I use the predecessor of this light which is no longer available as my go to diving flashlight. 

Diving Flashlight

#1 - Wukkoz Dive Light

Low cost high lumen dive light, perfect for entry level and intermediate divers. Long lasting and rechargeable battery perfect down to 130ft (IPX-8).

#2 - Princeton Tec Sector 5

Low cost pistol grip dive light, 550 lumen with a 24 hour burn time. Light weight and various colors that can be easier to see if dropped.

Our second selection is the Princeton Tec Sector 5 as it offers a versatile pistol grip, and various colors which helps divers in low light situations. The downside to this dive light is that it needs C batteries which can be costly to replace and is not as convenient as the rechargeable Lithium batteries featured in some of the smaller devices. The Princeton Tec light does have a wider diameter beam and reflector which floods the area with more light however it is a low overall intensity than its LED counterparts.

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