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Types of Golf Clubs

A club set is comprised of various different types of clubs, usually ordered from 1 through to 9, with some others peppered in between. 1 is usually considered your drive, there are instances where there is a 1 iron as well with a very flat trajectory, but the rule is even god himself can’t hit a 1 iron so I would stick to the wood! The wedges can either be irons or hybrids and can be used to provide a higher trajectory when you start closing in on the green. Finally the last type of golf club is the putter, and its the most important tool you have as putting will make or break your game. Lets take a quick look at the gear you need to enjoy the best outdoor hobby on the planet!


The big woody, the long bomber, and the whacker smacker is your driver. There are fairway woods but they are less used now that we have hybrids, so when we talk driver we mean the 460cc (Max Size) bomb smoker. The driver is your flattest angle club with a large mass behind it and usually your longest shaft. This club gives your the most distance based on mass transfer, clean contact off the tee, and the angle of impact. PGA pros are typically getting clubhead speeds in excess of 114MPH or 183KPH which is screaming fast… Needless to say, you need a solid form in order to pull off long straight shots that get you on target. Any issues you have in your swing will come out strong in the driver as opposed to other types of golf clubs.


Here we take the best of the various types of golf clubs and combine them into a fairway (Off the Grass) club that has more mass, a longer shaft, and a bit of a face angle. You usually see these guys in a 3H or 4H but can get various types of hybrids. In some beginner sets, almost all the clubs are hybrid in order to help out new golfers. Hybrids are known to be a bit more forgiving but are typically a bit harder to tune in when it comes to distance… which leads us  to our wedges.


The blades, this is where we separate the men from the boys or the women from the girls in terms of skill. Typically its difficult to get a clean crisp hit with your irons because you are always hitting off of various lies. Learning the basics and having lots of practice will ensure you make solid contact and are able to lift the ball up and drop it close to the pin. Wedges typically go from a 4 or 5 down to a 9, but then you have additional gap wedges in various angles and a pitching wedge and sand wedge to boot. This combination means you need to learn what each club can do for you and the distances it can cover… Remember the swing should stay consistent, let the club change the distance for you. 


Last but certainly not least we have the putter… It might be the most broken club in golf as many golfers opt to snap them in half because they are emotionally stunted. In terms of face angle we are 0 degrees and want to make perfect flush contact with the ball to get a clean release. Putting is what makes are breaks a lot of games because it is easy to slip from par to double bogey with a bad putt or two. This one should be practiced religiously because it will shape your game completely and is the easiest spot to start shaving off strokes.

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